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Laboratories at Corporate R&D

  1. Insulation and Chemical Sciences:
    • Long term functional evaluation of insulation system.
    • Development of methodologies for residual life assessment of high voltage generators and insulating materials and components.
    • Activities related to water chemistry, corrosion, chemical auditing of the samples required by various BHEL plants and sites.
  2. Permanent Magnet Machines:
    • Development of special electrical machines, like permanent magnet motors and generators.
    • Electromagnetic analysis of electrical machines and equipment.
  3. Intelligent Machine Control:
    • Development of special electrical controller, EMI/EMC complaint customized or application specific control systems for strategic applications.
    • Legacy program conversion for major BHEL products to meet the technology obsolescence and product design up- gradation.
  4. Electrical Machines:
    • Development of special electrical machines, like brushless exciters and high frequency motors & generators, HTSC motor.
    • Electromagnetic analysis of electrical machines and equipment.
  5. Power Electronic Systems:
    • Design and development of power electronic equipment and controllers for traction and industrial applications using the state-of-the-art controls and power semiconductor devices, like GTOs, IGCTs and IGBTs.
    • Design and development of power conditioners for non-conventional energy sources, like fuel cells, photovoltaic power packs and battery storage systems.
  6. High Voltage Engineering:
    • Generation and measurement of AC, DC & impulse voltages.
    • HV test techniques for power apparatus and insulation system.
    • Partial discharge and breakdown studies, impulse voltage distribution in transformer windings/reactors.
  7. GIP and Switchgear Development:
    • Design & development of transmission and distribution (T&D) class gas insulated sub-station (GIS) modules, complete gas insulated substations and essential accessories like gas-to-air/cable/oil terminations and surge arresters.
    • Designing high voltage gas interrupters for circuit breaker applications capable of performing normal and special switching duties as per international standards.
  8. Technology Development:
    • Development of new products and processes for automation. The activities include development of 3 & 5 Axes CNC part programs, scoop milling technology, RFID, CAD-CAM-CNC-CAI interfacing with PC based controllers and development of non-traditional machining techniques.
  9. Machine Dynamics and Failure Analysis:
    • Vibro-accoustic measurement and analysis of rotating machines using advanced instruments and software packages.
    • Rotor dynamics studies and structural characterization for new designs and bearing design analysis/performance improvement.
  10. COE for Nano Technology:
    • Thin film solar cell materials (CIGS, CZTS, CdS).
    • Insulation composites (Silicone rubber composites).
    • Nanomaterial based electrodes for fuel cells, capacitors, batteries.
    • Current conductors (carbon nanotube based yarn).
  11. Design and Analysis Group:
    • Stress analysis, modal analysis and thermal analysis aimed at development of new designs (concept to prototype), design validation, assessment of deviation and failure analysis.
    • Structural optimisation of power plant structure.
  12. Experimental Mechanics and VP/VR:
    • Measurement and analysis of stress/strain and deformation to facilitate new product development, design optimization, weight reduction and failure analysis.
    • Development of special transducers, development of telemetry instrumentation for blade vibration monitoring and application of rapid prototyping.
  13. Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow:
    • Thermal and hydraulic engineering, indigenous development of systems and components meant for classified applications.
    • Development and performance evaluation of heat sinks, ventilation and heat transfer studies of electrical machines, development of heat pipe based products and testing and evaluation of different types of heat exchangers.
    • Design and development of power plant condensers, heaters, air- cooled heat exchangers, steam generators, HRSGs and pumps for power plants and special applications.
  14. Turbo Machinery Laboratory:
    • Aerodynamic investigations on steam turbines, compressors, fans, blowers and other associated products dealing with fluid flow.
    • Performance improvements of turbo machinery products through innovative design changes and carries out aerodynamics contribution using probes and nozzles.
  15. Programmable Control Systems:
    • Development of electric control systems for the automation of industrial processes and power plants. The major activities include development of computer and microprocessor based systems for process control and monitoring, development of equipment health monitoring systems and application of artificial intelligence techniques in the designs.
  16. Computational Fluid Dynamics:
    • CFD analysis helps in performance evaluation of BHEL’s equipment both existing and new designs, in terms of flow, energy losses, efficiency, power, pressure/head rise etc., including site investigation of flow related problems in existing products and systems.
  17. Control and Instrumentation:
    • Design and development of digital controls and instrumentation systems for diesel electric locomotives, turbines, fuel cells.
    • Calibration of pressure and temperature instruments and providing instrumentation support to BHEL units for carrying out performance guarantee (PG) tests.
  18. Transmission and Protection Systems:
    • Development of microprocessor based, numerical protection systems/relays, for T&D applications and conducts power system stability studies.
  19. Power Plant Dynamics and Simulation:
    • Mathematical modelling of systems, control system design and tuning, power plant performance diagnostics and optimization.
    • Development of power plant training simulators and dynamic simulation studies and closed loop testing of analog control panels.
  20. Fuel Cells and Renewable Energy:
    • Develop polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEMFC), consisting of development of various components (like electrodes, bi-polar plates and MEAs) and sub-systems (like inverter, C&I and heat management systems).
  21. Surface Coatings and Treatment:
    • Development various types of surface coating methodologies for hydro turbines, gas turbines, boilers, etc. these include applications of atmosphere plasma coating as thermal barrier coatings for GT components, HVOF coating for hydro turbine
    • Components for combating silt erosion and for FBC, CFBC and PF boiler-tubes to resist high temperature erosion.
  22. Metallurgy Laboratory:
    • Creep, fatigue and fracture mechanics and non-destructive testing (NDT) of materials to meet present and long term needs of the company. It undertakes creep evaluation of various types of boiler and turbine steels using different methodologies.
  23. Ceramic Technological Institute:
    • Ceramic membranes for water filtration, materials and membranes for gas separation and capture, large scale microwave processing of ceramics, wear resistance ceramic products, nano materials synthesis and applications, ceramic coatings, porcelain insulator, SCR catalyst.
  24. Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle:
    • Clean coal technology, process improvement of coal gasification, syn gas clean up system, carbon capture, modelling of gasifier, coal reactivity studies, development of dynamic classifier for 803/783 XRP bowl mill.
  25. Amorphous Silicon Solar Cell Plant:
    • Development of high efficiency silicon based hetero junction solar cells, PERC, TCO (tin oxide) deposition on large area glass substrates, ITO deposition on multiple Si wafers, c-Si and thin film PV modules for building integrated PV (BIPV) applications.

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