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Units and Divisions

Unit/Division Location Name
BHEL Manufacturing Units Bengaluru Electronics Division (EDN)
Electronics Systems Division (ESD)
Electric & Photovoltaic Division (EPD)
Bhopal Heavy Electrical Plant (HEP)
Goindwal Industrial Valves Plant (IVP)
Haridwar Heavy Electrical Equipment Plant (HEEP)
Central Foundry Forge Plant (CFFP)
Hyderabad Heavy Power Equipment Plant (HPEP)
Jagdishpur Fabrication Stamping Insulator Plant (FSIP)
Jhansi Transformer Plant (TP)
Rudrapur Component Fabrication Plant (CFP)
Ranipet Boiler Auxiliaries Plant (BAP)
Tiruchirappalli High Pressure Boiler Plant (HPBP)
Seamless Steel Tube Plant (SSTP)
Thirumayam Power Plant Piping Unit (PPPU)
Visakhapatnam Heavy Plates & Vessels Plant (HPVP)
BHEL Repair Units Mumbai Electrical Machine Repair Plant (EMRP)
Varanasi Heavy Equipment Repair Plant (HERP)
BHEL Power Sector Regions PSNR Power Sector Northern Region
PSER Power Sector Eastern Region
PSWR Power Sector Western Region
PSSR Power Sector Southern Region
BHEL Manufacturing Units Bengaluru Industrial Systems Group (ISG)
Chennai Piping Centre

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